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Digital Marketing


We specialize in digital display advertising using the latest technology and techniques.

Once we establish what your campaign goals are, we determine which digital strategies to use.  We are capable of implementing all of the latest tactics including re-targeting, behavorial targeting, geo-targeting, keyword targeting.


Social Media

Social Media should be a staple of every marketing campaign, but not everyone is doing it well, and not everyone is using it to its full potential.

We can assist in getting your social media profiles set-up, managing your posts, creating your paid ad strategy and scheduling your social media ads.

Be sure to ask us how we can help you steal market share from your competition using the latest technology.


We understand SEO and SEM, and we work with Google's premiere partner companies to ensure they are following Google's best practices.

If you are handling your own website updates and Google paid ads, we are confident that we can increase your return without you increasing your budget.

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Purple City

Traditional Media

We are expert media planners and buyers, who have been buying TV, radio and outdoor advertising for two decades.  While much of our clients budgets have shifted to digital, we still see several success stories of traditional media working, and we know how to negotiate and secure cost efficient rates for our clients.

Once we meet with you we will determine which, if any, traditional media are right for your campaign.

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