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Over the next several weeks there will be no formal baseball practices, however that doesn't stop you from training at home in your backyard, and even in your basement.

The following videos are designed to help you and can be done as little or as often as you would like, but those who put in the work will see the results when we resume our baseball season.



Pivot and Leg Lift - Minimum 50 reps. Hold knee lift at waist height or higher for 4 seconds each time.

Hand Separation - Minimum 25 reps. Hold knee lift at waist height for 4-5 seconds. Make sure hands are high. Take small step and separate the hands.

Power T - Minimum 50 reps. From knee lift position, take a longer stride and continue through the hand separation into a Power T position. Be sure you are in a powerful, athletic position with shoulders back.

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